My work

My work does not typically involve thinking. I do not plan, I do not decide, and I do not start with a sketch drawn in pencil. All I do is place an ink dot in the center of the paper and, focusing on music or a dialogue on the radio or television, I let my mind go and guide my fingers on its own quest for shapes and colors, void of instructions.

After a while I come back to myself wondering where I am, what day it is, what time… Then I see the drawing and as if it were something totally foreign, I take in its details: I see faces, eyes, mouths, bodies, creatures.

Sometimes I complete some identifiable form, add some retouching here and there, and I go astray again lost in my thoughts, or in the thoughts of others, while my hands get again carried away by their winding elaboration.


Laura Irene Kwiatkowski was born and spent her childhood and teenage years in Buenos Aires. After finishing high school she traveled through Europe, where she discovered her disdain for borders and all forms of limitation to freedom.

After graduating as an attorney and dedicating herself to journalism, she lived in Brazil, Colombia and for more than three decades in New York, where she worked as an international correspondent for the German Press Agency, EFE news agency and Radio Sweden. She was the Chief of the United Nations Spanish Radio for more than twenty years.

Since 2014 she lives in Barcelona, where she is a full-time artist.